2011, Galway

January, 2011.
I visited United Kingdom – London and Edinburgh, and Ireland – Galway and Dublin.

Galway is a very beautiful village. This town remind me of beautiful sight seeing in Jeju, Korea. My little brother told me that Irish people usually aggressive. But this story is just a kind of stereotypes. For example, when my partner, Junho Jang who is a TV producer, and I visited the information center to get some information about a lake in Sligo, we met nice friends who are humorous and kind. Even they called to their friend of the Sligo information center, and tried to make a reservation ?of boat tour! And during our one-day tour of Moher Cliff, we could meet kind Irish people. Especially, in the narrow road, all drivers yielded for each other and said hello! If you want to feel what is comfortable and peaceful, I will recommend you this town.

Galway is the first town which made me change my travel plans. I changed my plan, slept one more day. I totally love this town even if I can see this whole town in a just one day.

Galway is the first town which I met other people and communicate them. In this gallery, if you see the picture of one person with a dog, he is a kind photographer who live in this town. He told me “I have a same camera, Hasselblad.”

Galway is the first town in Europe which I took a taxi. The taxi is the biggest one I’ve taken.

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